Friday, January 13, 2012

Intro to Genesis

The word Genesis means 'beginning' or 'origin' and it unfolds the beginning of the universe, the world, of human beings, civilization, sin, the Jewish nation and of salvation.  It is also the story of God's purpose and plan for His creation.  It is the record of God's creation of the world and His desire to have a people set apart to worship Him.

It is believed that Moses was the author of Genesis and he probably wrote it during the time of the wilderness wanderings.  He wrote it from a number of stories passed on to him through preceding generations but the chapter on creation was probably direct inspiration from God.

What is the main point of Genesis? God created and sustains everything.  Though sin damaged God's creation and His relationship with humanity, God is at work in the world restoring both.

Let's spend the next few months reading Genesis together and be encouraged as there is hope.  No matter how dark the world seems, God has a plan. And God wants to use ALL of us in His plan.

Thank You Lord, for your Word and the joy of discovering its treasures.
Treasures of intelligence, knowledge and love.
Please be with us through this adventure we are undertaking dear God,
and keep our hearts ready to hear Your word
and show us how You want us to apply each scripture to our daily lives.

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