Friday, January 13, 2012

The Time Before Time

Have you ever wondered what God was doing through the long expanse of time before He created our universe? What was He thinking ... what was He planning? How long did it take Him? The bible starts with the creation story but it must have taken time to plan each integrate part of creation.

Each snowflake is different and there are multi-billions in one acre of snowfall. Multiply those billions by all the snow in the world for one day ... or one winter ... or thousands of winters.  Yet no snowflake is alike!

Let's think about sunrises and sunsets.  One is happening in the world somewhere at every moment.  The sun is always rising and always setting, painting literally billions of sunrise and sunset pictures each day.  Multiply that times thousands of years.  God is quite an artist isn't he?

Think of other parts of creation ... The planning of each leaf, billions of flowers, trees, stars, planets and galaxies.  I was sitting in the car the other day with my mom just passing some time before we had to be somewhere.  As I sat there I was looking at the trees and was marvelling how each trunk and branch layout is different.  It’s not like an oak has 5 branches sticking out at 35 degree angles or the trunk is straight with no lumps.  Each tree is different and all the information to grow is built inside one little seed.

What about every animal, insect (no matter how creepy some can be) and seashell. Was God planning all this marvellous stuff for eons before He said "Let it now happen.”?

 Then we come to the most complex creation - us! Each highly complex body with miles of nerves and blood vessels and DNA (a life map for each of us), each fingerprint - everything...... WOW!!!!

We sometimes wonder how our world came to be. How long it took to form? Was it 7 days or 7000 years? Was there a big bang? Was it evolution over billions of years? Either way, God created it!!! He planned it.  This is where Genesis starts.... It starts with God.  God created earth and everything in or around it and although we don't know the exact method He used to create it ... one thing is clear - God created all life!!


  1. "Have you ever wondered what God was doing through the long expanse of times before He created our universe? What was He thinking ... what was He planning? How long did it take Him?"

    I've wondered about this off and on for decades.Genesis says is His spirit hovered over the waters.Did time even exist? He says a thousand years is just a blink of an eye to Him. Was there even time for eye blinking then? It's mind-boggling. As we are fully known now, we'll fully know in the coming age. Sometimes the suspense of it, though...

    1. Yes I agree - this has often been in my thoughts ...